Infant Feeding & Lactation Counseling

Infant feeding therapy is offered for infants with feeding difficulty or swallowing concerns. Lactation counseling is available for mother/infant pairs experiencing nursing difficulties and/or milk supply issues. We also provide pre- and post- tongue tie therapy for infants who are planning to have or have already had a frenotomy/frenectomy.

When considering a tongue tie release, best practice is to have an infant feeding specialist evaluate and begin treatment pre-release to ensure optimal results of the release as well as to continue therapy post-release to ensure muscles for feeding are re-patterned and functioning properly.

Whether breastfed or bottle fed, an infant feeding evaluation is worthy of considering if any of the following apply:

 tongue tie or lip tie suspected
 infant reflux
 colic
 frequent spit-up
 gas
 fussy infant
 refusing the breast
 refusing the bottle
 difficulty latching
 painful latch
 shallow latch
 sore nipples
 low milk supply
 breastfeeding problems
 use of nipple shield

 clicking sound while feeding
 frequently hungry
 milk leaks from baby’s mouth during feeding
 open mouth during sleeping
 infant snoring
 milk residue on tongue
 lip blisters
 nasal congestion
 slow weight gain
 weight loss
 failure to thrive
 falling asleep while feeding
 excessive drooling
 baby coughs or chokes during feeding

We evaluate to determine the cause of infant feeding difficulty and then prescribe an individualized treatment plan, including lactation counseling as needed, to help achieve feeding goals and overall development.

Treatment is hands-on and parent(s) are educated as well so that the treatment may be carried on at home between therapy sessions. Length of therapy sessions vary.

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