What is Speech Therapy?

Speech is how we say sounds and words.  


We need our lips, tongue, jaw, and cheeks to have an appropriate amount of strength, mobility, and coordination in order to speak clearly and swallow appropriately.   At OroFacialTx, we use Speech Therapy to help our patients’ lips, tongue, jaw, and cheeks function properly so that speech is easier to understand and any speech disorder concerns are managed!  

Who needs Speech Therapy?

Newborn babies, toddlers, school-aged children, teenagers, and adults that are having difficulty with the placement of their lips, tongue, teeth, and/or jaw will often have struggle with daily life functions such as the way they eat, sleep, breathe, swallow, or speak.  

We specifically designed our facility to meet the needs of our patients for each age group.  

Waiting Room

Adult Room

Infant Room

Child Room

How would I know if I need or my child needs Therapy?

At OroFacialTx, we evaluate our patients for a comprehensive 60-90 minute session.  We are looking at the way our patients breathe, swallow, rest, and speak.  Our goal is to put the puzzle pieces together as to why a patient would be experiencing any speech impairments or phonological disorders by:

  • Taking a detailed medical history
  • Evaluating the relationship between the lips, tongue, cheek, jaw, and dentition
  • Monitoring oral vs. nasal breathing
  • Assessing Speech through standardized testing when Articulation is of concern
  • Examining how a patient tolerates liquid and solid textures
  • Providing recommendations for other health care providers that may be needed to promote proper health